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Coins & Currency Books

RR Coins & Currency maintains an extensive library of numismatic reference and research materials consisting of over 5,500 books, auction catalogs, newsletters and numismatic articles.

If you are researching your collection, updating values, checking trends on hot items, or trying to find values for inherited collections, then magazines and books, local coin clubs, and coin dealers in your area all are invaluable aids in your study.

Our favorite and most often used reference books and publications are listed below. You can often find these at your local library for free or for purchase at a local book store. Online retailers such as Amazon also list most of these references for sale and we have provided links.

Our favorite coin & paper money magazines:

With books, we understand that not everyone is interested in the entire field of numismatics so we'll break it down into basic categories on our top choices.




Casino Chips

Plenty more books dive deeper into numismatics. Some of these include U.S. Small Size Currency, Small Size U.S. Federal Reserve Notes, Federal Reserve Web Notes, Various Medals, Tokens, Military Payment Certificates and many other titles. Most of these can be purchased online, but some are available only through a coin club or the author.