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  1. 1995 U.S. FRN $1 Web Note Block D-C 1995 U.S. FRN $1 Web Note Block D-C


    S/N D66045182C
    Block D-C
    Run 11
    Combo 4-9
    Gem CU Learn More
  2. $1 Bank of Mobile, Proof Alabama $1 Bank of Mobile, Proof Alabama


    Very rare
    Condition: CU Learn More
  3.  25 Cents The State of North Carolina 1862 25 Cents The State of North Carolina 1862


    S/N 198
    25 Cents The State of North Carolina 1862
    Prosperina, Cornucopia
    Civil War Issue
    AU Condition Learn More
  4. 1993 U.S. FRN $1 Web Note Block C-A 1993 U.S. FRN $1 Web Note Block C-A


    S/N C52578968A
    Block C-A
    Run 9
    Combo 1-9
    Gem CU Learn More
  5. 1995 U.S. FRN $1 Web Note Block D-C 1995 U.S. FRN $1 Web Note Block D-C


    S/N D66045184C
    Block D-C
    Run 11
    Combo 4-9
    Gem CU Learn More
  6. $500 The Bank of Mibile, Alabama Proof $500 The Bank of Mobile, Alabama Proof


    $500 The Bank of Mobile, Alabama
    Proof on Card Stock
    Extremely Rare Learn More
  7. 20 Enoch Morgan's Sons Established 1809, 211 Washington Street, New York, NY | Obverse 20 Enoch Morgan's Sons Established 1809, 211 Washington Street, New York, NY


    20 Advertising Note
    Enoch Morgan's Sons
    Sapolio (Cleaning Product)
    Minor Split Top and Bottom left, Green Back
    211 Washington Street, New York, NY
    XF Condition Learn More
  8. 1995 U.S. FRN $1 Web Note Block B-H 1995 U.S. FRN $1 Web Note Block B-H


    S/N B48433926H
    Block B-H
    Run 8
    Combo 1-12
    Gem CU Learn More
  9. $5 The State of Alabama 1864 $5 The State of Alabama 1864


    S/N 16429
    $5 The State of Alabama 1864
    Redeemable in Confederate Treasury Notes
    Dated January 1, 1864 Learn More

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