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Collecting Medals

It’s true that there aren’t as many medal collectors as there are coin collectors, but this segment is a fun, educational and interesting hobby. If you are a history buff, this area is something you might consider. Medals have been made for centuries to commemorate various events, inaugurations, anniversaries, people, wars, fairs, jubilees, expositions, awards, etc. Consequently, the medal collector has an abundance of material and themes to choose from.

Medals come in all shapes, sizes, and metals. They are sometimes a great work of art and beauty. Everyone is intrigued by them. If one turns up unexpectedly in an old desk drawer, or perhaps an old shoe box that grandma tucked away in a closet for many years, the finder will inspect it to eventually determine its provenance and value.

There are many specialized reference books on medals. Usually they are available from medal societies, collector clubs and organizations, book dealers, libraries and local book stores. If you decide to collect medals its best that you purchase a book which reflects your specific interest. Read through the book to familiarize yourself with the various types of medals available to collectors and then go for it! Enjoy a most interesting hobby!