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Common Questions about Coins and Currency

What is the largest denomination of US Currency?
Although it no longer exists, the $100,000 bill was the largest denomiation and was only used within the banking system.
What was the lowest denomination of US Coins minted?
Although no longer being minted, it is the one-half cent.
There are 12 different Presidents on US Currency. Can you name them and identify the bill they appear on?
$1 George Washington, $2 Thomas Jefferson, $5 Abraham Lincoln, $10 Alexander Hamilton, $20 Andrew Jackson, $50 Ulysses Grant, $100 Benjamin Franklin, $500 William McKinley, $1,000 Grover Cleveland, $5,000 James Madison, and the $10,000 Salmon Chase.
What are the two main ingredients of paper money?
Cotton and Linen.
What musical instrument appears on the 1976 quarter?
Can you name the current US Mints?
Philadephia, Denver, San Francisco, Fort Knox is a facility of the mint used for storage.
Can you name the US Mints that are no longer in operation?
Charlotte, Dahlonega, New Orleans, Carson City and the only branch ever established outside the continental US was the Manila Mint in the Philippines.
What is the front of a coin called?
The front of a coin is called the obverse.
What is the back of a coin called?
The back of a coin is called the reverse.
What is the term given to a collector of bank notes?
Bank note collectors are called Notophilists.
What is the study of paper money or bank notes called?
The study of paper money is called Notaphily.
When was the Lincoln cent introduced into circulation?
1909 and it was the first time that "In God We Trust" appeared on a coin of this denomination.
What is numismatics?
It refers to the collection and study of money, coins in particular
What does MPC stand for?
Military Payment Certificates were money substitutes used to pay soldiers.
When did the "50 State" quarters program begin?
The program started in 1999 and was completed in 2008. Every State has a unique design on the reverse of the coin.