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Gift Ideas

I'm often approached for advice on giving someone a gift that is rare or valuable in some way. This is a difficult task because there is so much variety within the field of numismatics. I would suggest some beginner activities: attend a local coin show, join a coin collector club, do some research at the library or online and follow your own taste. If you can define your interests to me, I can make many suggestions. The key is you!

Parents understand the many benefits their child can receive from participating in an interesting and educational hobby such as numismatics. Through currency, or coin collecting, kids from all walks of life gain a fundamental understanding of important subjects like history, social studies, geography, math, economics, and even art.

U. S. "50 State" Quarter Sets

These are a lot of fun for young collectors getting started in numismatics and an affordable purchase. You can learn about each State, when the coin was struck, what the design signifies, and more.

Mint Sets

Uncirculated mint sets are coins specially packaged by the United States government for sale to collectors. The sets contain uncirculated specimens of each year's coins for every denomination issued from each mint. People enjoy collecting sets from specific years, for either sentimental reasons or to collect every year that the set was issued. Give a first set to someone, and watch to see which years they acquire next.

U.S. Coins price guides

Nothing is handier than a U.S. coins price guide! It's one of the best ways to get started in coin collecting because, thanks to all the spare change we get doing business, we have plenty of subject material to study. You can browse through titles and references on our website's numismatic books page.

Coin Collecting Software

Ever wanted an easier way to see what's in your collection? It's as easy as ever when you use coin collecting software. We're researching this category now so we can come up with recommendations for you.


Coin holders, flips, albums, 2x2's, currency sleeves and more can be found at local coin shows and through local coin dealers. We'll list the items that we have very soon.

Gift Certificate

Purchase a gift certificate for an item on our RR Coins & Currency website.