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Hello and welcome to the kids zone where we've got all kinds of fun for you to enjoy!

Below you can Help Jason Recognize Images he saw on various paper money notes. After that, check out the different games we like over at the US Mint's official website.

Help Jason Recognize These Paper Money Images

Each of the images floating around Jason's head is from one of the paper money notes in our catalog. Can you help Jason recognize all of these images? You should recognize some of them from very common, well known notes, however a couple of them are really going to test your numismatic IQ (hint - just click any of the images to see its origin.)

Cool Facts About Coins and Currency

Test your numismatic IQ by answering these Questions about Coins and Currency

Kids Games at the US Mint

The following games are related to numismatics. The links go to the US Mint's website, and the game will open in a new window of your browser.