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Star Notes

People often get confused when they see a star either before or after a serial number on a piece of U.S. currency. When the Bureau of Printing & Engraving discovers an error on a note they will replace it with a “star note.” Stars appear on both large and small size notes. The star will be in front of the serial number on all notes except on Federal Reserve Notes where the star is at the end of the serial number. Since the BEP can’t print a note for the 100,000,000th one in a series, a star note is used instead; there are only eight digits used on the printing machines. Star notes are popular and sought after by collectors. Some of the earlier date stars are very expensive. It’s good for collectors that the BEP doesn’t catch all it's mistakes when printing currency, which creates another aspect of our hobby -- collecting “error” notes. But that’s another subject!