Yes, We Can Appraise Your Collection

Yes, We Can Appraise Your Collection!

Appraising and evaluating numismatic collections is a special service we offer to our customers. Our company has over 40 years of experience and a keen eye to determine if you have an uncirculated, circulated, rare or one of a kind coin or piece of paper money. We’ve worked for owners of estates that include rare coins needing to be appraised for probate purposes and for individuals who invest in coins and currency and want current values.

The caveat is that we do not do appraisals unless we can see your item(s). There are many common questions we have already answered in our “Q&A” page. We receive many of the same questions from our customers and hope to save you a call and some time by checking that information before contacting us. Our most frequently asked questions can be found on our website's Q&A page.

We require, at minimum, a scan of your item. You can freely contact us by email including your attachment and we will give you our best evaluation. Because we can’t see the actual item, you should consider this as an estimated appraisal only.

If you would like to have us appraise your collection in the proper manner, you can send us the items via U.S. mail, insured. We are interested in buying inventory at all times and will make you a solid and fair offer for your collection. You can decline our offer and we will return your items postpaid along with an invoice for the appraisal fee which is based on our time to research and evaluate your collection.

There is a very good article on how to determine the value of a coin at and another on determining the value of currency at These articles should get you started on the process of getting help in evaluating your collection.