Small National Currency

Although all Small National Currency bears the series “1929” there are two different types. They are the Type “1” notes issued from July, 1929 - May, 1933. The bank’s charter number is printed twice in black on the obverse of the note and there will be a prefix and suffix letter with the serial number. The Type “2” notes were issued from 1933 to 1935. They have the bank’s charter number printed four times on the note’s obverse, twice in black ink and twice in brown ink. There is only a prefix letter in the serial number.

As with the Large National Currency Notes, collecting small NBN’s can be just as rewarding. Like the Large National Currency Notes, there are many ways to collect i.e., by Charter Numbers, Cities, Towns, Series, State, Serial Number, Denomination, Locality, Signatures and Banks to name some.

“Paper Money of the United States” by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg is a standard reference on American currency.

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